Critical Controls Management (CCM) introduced with great success


G&S Engineering recently introduced the Critical Controls Management (CCM) processes that focus on the Material Unwanted Events (MUEs) or the critical risks in our workplace.

This safety initiative is an important tool for monitoring our control measures for the activities that are the highest risk of injuring our people. The objectives of this activity was to:

  • Identify MUEs within the G&S shutdown and maintenance activities

  • Schedule Critical Control Verification (CCV) audits against MUEs in the project planning and delivery phases, and

  • Formally communicate on findings from the CCV audit reports to G&S management, personnel and the client where required.

A committee involving key stakeholders from across the G&S business was established and seven MUEs were identified for G&S activities associated with heavy engineering, surface operations determined by external and internal historical data: Vehicle Accident, Isolations, Working at Heights, Working in a Confined Space, Lifting and Cranage, Scaffolds, and Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

For each of the MUEs, an umbrella hazard bowtie analysis, performance standards, and CCV audit tools were developed along with a revision of G&S Risk Management and Project Planning procedures to align with and reflect the CCM requirements.

In addition, metrics for reporting MUE audits, compliance and non-compliance with performance standards were established and ownership for the ongoing management, control and reporting of each MUE was assigned to nominated Risk Owners.

CCV audits undertaken with positive client feedback

G&S has undertaken multiple audits across our work sites nationally with great results noted. We have received excellent buy-in and encouragement from our clients who strongly support the program.  

At the BMA Saraji Mine, G&S was recognised in the Brightspot and Konnective Site for the Isolation Critical Control Verifircation Audit undertaken. 

The client stated, “G&S Safety Leadership team conducted Critical Control Observations on High Voltage Isolation during the CHPP Shutdown. Verification on isolation critical controls were completed through a series of checks by documentation and observations by the G&S Safety leadership team. 10 critical controls were verified within the G&S process as effective. Congratulations to G&S for working safely.”

G&S was also commended by BMA at Saraji Mine for our confined space management, stating that, “G&S personnel showed religious adherence to the process ensuring everyone knew and complied with the rules."