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Maintenance & Optimisation

In an ever changing market, asset owners face the constant challenge of meeting current service demands, optimising performance, minimising risk, and controlling expenditure over the full life cycle of their assets. 

Providing comprehensive mechanical, structural, and electrical services, our teams are industry leaders in maintenance and optimisation for all fixed and mobile plant and equipment. 

Reliable, insightful and timely information 

Whether you are a facility manager, public asset owner or private portfolio executive, our role is to work with you to share our comprehensive knowledge to give you tools, processes or applications to protect, manage and leverage your assets. We help you manage your risk in investment decisions by creating stronger and more successful business cases. 

We combine operations know-how with technology solutions to drive capital and operating expenditure down and reduce the time and resources on maintenance. We focus on the whole lifecycle of your assets, as well as the strategies and technologies used to extend asset life.

Responsive and timely service

Strategically placed in regional locations to support your operations, our dedicated maintenance teams provide permanent and responsive maintenance services. In addition to local maintenance teams, our crews also relocate to provide major shutdown services.

Our on-site capabilities are supported by off-site centres providing mechanical, electrical and manufacturing services. We offer particular expertise supporting surface and underground operations, with extensive experience in major and minor overhauls, repairs and upgrades for various industry equipment including processing plants, draglines, longwall and development equipment, bulk materials handling equipment, and heavy mobile equipment (HME). 

A key partner

Our approach is to collaborate closely with clients to identify, solve and execute solutions for the most challenging production and maintenance issues with a focus on greater return on assets through lower capital investment, high efficiency and high output outcomes.

Key Services

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Permanent Maintenance 
  • Down Days
  • Breakdowns
  • Minor Shutdowns
  • Major Shutdowns
  • Overhauls
  • Repairs
  • Sustaining Capital Works
  • Subcontractor Management.