Our Approach

Our commitment to sustainable development and the community is integrated into everything we do.

Social Responsibility

Our philosophy drives us to engage with and give back to our communities as we are genuinely part of them.

We are successful because we recognise the importance of our people. We have a strong focus on our people and the communities in which they live. We invest heavily in training, contribute to regional economic growth and we work closely with our clients and local industry bodies, with the aim of making G&S and our industries, stronger, enjoyable and sustainable.

Through sponsorships and employee donation programs we provide financial support to a range of community groups, charities and not for profit organisations. In particular we are proud to be a 'Platinum Partner' for the Central Queensland Rescue Helicopter Service, a not-for-profit organisation providing vital emergency response services to the Central Queensland region.

Additionally, we are proud to be the naming sponsor of the Mackay Wine and Food Festival, which is a major highlight on the Mackay regional calendar. Our relationship with the festival since 1997 is just one example where we are part of the communities that we work in.

We are dedicated to our people and the communities in which they live, without whom our company and the industries in which we work would not be as successful.

Governance and Risk

G&S’ approach to risk management is communicated throughout the organisation and supported by explicit ownership of the risks and a clear allocation of responsibility for their day to day management.

G&S has clearly defined policies for risk management; setting out its strategy and objectives and the approaches and processes the organisation adopts to achieve them.

G&S has a structure for governance in place that supports risk management by providing clearly defined accountabilities, expectations and reporting requirements for all relevant parties.

Our risk management approach aims to provide:

  • Strategies to handle risks that might impede G&S' and our client's objectives
  • Flexibility for G&S to respond to unexpected risks and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

G&S strives to ensure there is unambiguous ownership of every aspect of the risk management process across the organisation.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management

G&S aims to achieve best practice in occupational health, safety and environment performance that supports our strategic intent of being the best team in the industry for safety, communication and quality of performance.

Our Health Safety & Environment Management System objectives are to:

  • Ensure safety and wellbeing is our first consideration
  • Identify and control safety, environment and business risks by the application of contemporary risk management processes to eliminate loss or harm to people, property, the environment and our business
  • Continually improve our business performance via the setting of measurable objectives and targets to support the business goals of our clients and stakeholders
  • The best quality training and development of our employees
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements

Our System is based on the continual improvement cycle of Plan, Do, Measure and Improve. The metrics are mapped against the elements of both AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Safety) and  ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) and assists in protection of our people, clients, property, plant and equipment.

Quality Management

G&S’ Quality Management System (QMS) provides a management framework that helps ensure the necessary controls are in place to address risks and monitor and measure performance.

G&S are continually striving for improvements in the aim to achieve best practice in our quality of performance. We hold certification to  ISO 9001:2015, with each project having its own Quality Plan driven by specific project requirements to ensure a planned delivery of services to minimise disruption and downtime to our clients.