Safety and Wellbeing is our First Consideration

G&S is committed to the highest possible standards of occupational health, safety and environmental management throughout our operations. Our safety policies and culture allow us to deliver world-class results while maintaining workforce productivity.  

There is a shared belief across all levels of our business that every incident, and therefore every injury is preventable. The G&S Safety Charter emphasises our commitment to creating a “Zero Exposure” environment to deliver our goal of “Zero Harm”. This means we need our people to focus on their exposure to risks by controlling and/or eliminating hazards wherever possible.

It is important for all of our valued subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety, and for our team to advocate and action the motto, "if it’s not safe, stop- then make it safe".

Our Safety Culture

Our culture embodies the shared belief across all business units that every incident, and therefore injury, is preventable. G&S has created an informed environment whereby personnel have:

  • Current knowledge about all factors that determine the safety of any project.
  • A reporting culture where people are encouraged and prepared to report hazards, errors and near misses.
  • A just culture where there is a workplace of trust in which people are encouraged, even rewarded, for providing essential safety-related information. Further, they are clear about where the line must be drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
  • A learning culture where personnel willingly investigate and draw the right conclusions from safety information and voluntarily implement improvements.
  • A flexible culture where employees are able to reconfigure the work process in the face of high-risk operations to always ensure that safety is our first consideration.
#HANDSUP Mental Health Awareness Initiative

Passionate about raising awareness around mental illness, in July 2015 we launched the #HANDSUP initiative as part of our overarching Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The initiative aims to provide mental health education, reduce stigma, promote and encourage help-seeking behaviours, equip management with tools and resources to assist their teams and promote positive job roles and working environments.

So far, the #HANDSUP campaign has centred around two short films, which focus on the mental wellbeing of employees, their family and friends. Filled with honesty and raw emotion, the films are aimed at raising awareness and encouraging people to take the first step in talking about how they are feeling.

Through creating a culture of sharing experiences and talking more openly, we can start to break the stigma associated with mental illness and empower more people to seek help and reach out to those around them.

The first film '#HANDSUP - I Know Someone' was released in July, 2015.

The second film '#HANDSUP - Join us on the Journey' was released in September, 2016