Sampling & Processing 

Ensuring the right type and chemical mix of coal or minerals and minimising contamination delivers cost efficiencies.

Getting it right relies on the sampling process undertaken from the time the product is extracted to when it is loaded at port.

We offer a highly specialised sampling team to ensure the review process is undertaken accurately and that the mechanical sampling plants are operated and maintained in compliance with nationally accredited standards.

We are one of a handful of National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) of laboratories in the southern hemisphere accredited to test: 

  • Mechanical sample plant compliance audits (NATA)
  • Mechanical sample plant bias testing (NATA)
  • Development of standards-based sampling regimes
  • Sample plant conceptual design
  • Data analysis and statistical evaluation
  • Export terminal NATA certification, and
  • Disputed cargoes.

Get the best from your processing plants

Would you know if your processing plant is operating at its optimum capacity? With a comprehensive audit, we can advise you on how to achieve maximum yield. To support operations, we offer process design evaluation, audits, and optimisation and problem solving, along with metallurgical reconciliations.