The G&S Way

Values that guide every action and outcome we achieve.

The G&S Way is the set of core values that define our people and our company, providing a strategic framework for our business. The G&S Way underpins every action and outcome we achieve as a successful company.

G&S is built on the foundations of honesty and integrity, supported by the core values and non-negotiable behaviours forming the basis of our culture and our strategies;

  • Safety and wellbeing is our first consideration
  • We work as a team 
  • We listen and we communicate
  • We go the extra yard
  • We don't walk past - because we care

At G&S we pride ourselves on being a transparent company within the community, and a commitment to our values enables us to be a successful, sustainable and an enjoyable company.

We endeavour to focus on the development, retention and support of the best team of people in the industry. Our team set innovative industry standards which strengthen the quality of our performance within the competitive business environment, allowing us to be market leaders whom are well-resourced to service our client needs.

Furthermore, to achieve a sustainable advantage it is essential our team participates in effective communication at all levels forming strong market linkages and networks with the support of clear and effective organisational systems.

To ensure our success aligns with our clients’ success we ensure:

  • Quality - World class outcomes, to agreed timelines and financial parameters.
  • Communication - Working together as a team with our clients and suppliers to provide effective solutions for every project- big or small.
  • People - Experienced and passionate people prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the safest, best possible outcomes for the client.
  • Sustainability - Effective long term outcomes for our company, our employees, our clients and the environment in which we operate and potentially impact.