Professional asset management services covering mechanical and electrical services for critical underground mining equipment. 

Our combined Mechanical and Electrical Workshop has vast experience with all major and minor mechanical and electrical overhauls on various types of process industry equipment. 

Our team of experienced, qualified personnel who utilise the most effective tools to conduct all overhauls, ensuring they are to the highest quality, within budget and on-time whilst maintaining an outstanding safety performance. In conjunction with our overhauls and repairs, we offer engineering and service support providing expert advice on modifying and improving the reliability of your systems. In addition, we supply technical and service assistance during installation, commissioning and production stages of all delivered products.

Longwall Equipment 

  • AFC and BSL's
  • Bootends
  • Monorails
  • Roof Supports
  • Pump Stations
  • Gearboxes and Shafts / Spockets
  • Rehosing and/or Hose Refurbishment
  • Chain management
  • Electrical

Development Equipment

We have extensive experience with all OEM equipment and have supported development departments across the Bowen Basin for many years, giving us a clear understanding of site expectations and requirements. Our development equipment experience includes the following areas: 

  • Shuttle Cars 
  • Feeder Breakers
  • Continuous Miners 
  • Hydraulic systems and components 
  • Gearboxes
  • Retrofit electrical and hydraulic packages

Key Services

  • Offsite Services Mechanical and Electrical: 
    • Overhauls
    • Repairs 
    • Technical Support
  • Site Services
    • Project Management
    • Supervision
    • Maintenance and/or repairs
    • Consulting services
    • Onsite overhauls / projects
    • Conveyor Installations 
    • Outbye Services

Featured Projects