Water & Wastewater 

From wastewater treatment plants for local councils to flood mitigation and modelling for resource and industrial organisations, G&S can provide a range of water and wastewater services.

Our capability extends across the lifecycle of all assets, from planning, design, construction and operation to renewal and maintenance services for water treatment plants, sewerage treatment plants, pipelines, drainage, pumping systems, tailings dams, water tanks, filtration plants and more. 

We work with you to reduce operation risks, optimise capacity, enhance cost-efficiency, improve your environmental footprint, or add new revenue streams for council operations or industrial treatment plants, such as co-digestion of trade waste. 

Key Services

  • Flood Mitigation 
  • Concept and design
  • Pump fabrication, supply and installation
  • Routine maintenance and statuary testing
  • De-watering operations
  • Mechanical electrical and poly
  • Telemetry and remote monitoring
  • Preinstallation testingInstallation and commissioning
  • Tailings dam upgrade.

Featured Projects