Our goal is to have a working environment where our differences are valued, and we foster an inclusive and supportive culture to enable you to reach your full potential.

Our success has been built upon embracing the diversity and cultural richness of our communities, and by ensuring our staff can achieve their full potential, regardless of background.

We are committed to ensuring our people understand expectations around equity, diversity and inclusion and how to apply these to our work. We believe in employing the right people and retaining them through motivation and fair reward. We strive to foster a vibrant and dynamic organisational culture in which you will feel valued and respected by clients and colleagues alike.

We ensure equity by making sure you have the opportunity to succeed, develop and grow. We are mindful that everyone is different and ensure our processes and policies enable success and address any barriers which may exist.

As an equal opportunity employer, our diversity is highlighted in the ways we are different, eg. age, caring responsibilities, background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, indigenous background, profession, work experiences or professional identity.

By recognising that everyone has a valuable part to play in the G&S journey, by being inclusive, we believe we create an environment of involvement, respect and connection.