We work with major resource clients, energy suppliers, major contractors and specialist power generation providers to develop generation and transmission solutions.

From construction and commissioning of large power generation plants to installation, testing and maintenance services of supporting electrical infrastructure, including transmission and distribution lines, substations, switchyards, and generators; we offer a broad spectrum of core capabilities.

We understand the changing energy requirements of customers and the global (and regulatory) demand for more sustainable clean energy solutions and our services are transferrable across a traditional thermal generation as well as renewable sources including bioenergy, solar, hydro, and wind.

Experienced field crews trained and authorised

Our dedicated electrical and instrumentation teams can work independently or in conjunction with mechanical teams to provide specialised services for your construction, maintenance and operational needs.

Our expertise extends to HV and LV maintenance, construction, installation and commissioning, testing, upgrades and instrumentation.

It’s important that your requirements are met quickly, on time, and as much as possible, without disruption to the network. Our large resources pool allows us to do this.

We understand the challenges associated with the power requirements of industrial power facilities in remote locations and have experience with both on-grid or off-grid connections. We are experienced in delivering energy and power solutions in challenging environmental conditions, including dust, wind, cyclonic and corrosive coastal environments.

Featured Projects

Cape Preston

G&S supplied the project management, supervision, electrical and instrumentation support for the commissioning of newly constructed plant at...

Curragh Mine

G&S was engaged to undertake the Electrical Mine Power System upgrade at Curragh Mine.

Kestral Mine

G&S undertook the Electrical installation of the switch yard and substation facilities at Kestral Mine.