Each year G&S Engineering celebrates long-serving employees who have achieved 10 and 20 years’ service across the business.

This year G&S held the 14th annual Service Awards at the Mackay Entertainment Centre in conjunction with sponsoring the Mackay Festival of Arts. “The contracting industry requires people with high skills, dedication and resilience for the cyclical nature of our industry and these long-term employees are the backbone of the business and absolutely live and demonstrate these key skills” said Managing Director Mick Crowe. “it takes a team to achieve great things and huge recognition and appreciation goes to the partners who play a critical, often difficult role in the success of our G&S’ staff and what they deliver” Mick added.

This year there were twenty 10-year recipients and three 20-year recipients each receiving their commemorative watches.

Congratulations to Aaron Wellington, Todd Harrison, Nicholas Shipp, Ari Suokallio, Rebekah Hart, Rex Gruspe, Libe Jordanal, Edwin Enosa and Noven Aluda. Demonstrating the commitment that has brought them to these milestones, the following team members were unable to attend the night due to work commitments; Gary Salisbury, Cameron Roth, Wayne Robinson, Michael Moranino, John Martin, Robert Broom, Simon Dale, Jason Trannore, Daisy Brian, Terry Howell and Polly Bolic.

Each of the 3 twenty-year recipients has had an outstanding career with G&S, and all play an integral part in the G&S of today. Paul Collins recently appointed as Vice President of the East Coast operations, Bud Manning a key Senior Construction Manager and Greg Black currently acting CHPP Maintenance Coordinator at Moranbah North Mine.

In its 33rd year, the Mackay Festival of Arts has become a feature in the central Queensland social calendar, attracting about 35,000 people to the G&S Engineering Wine and Food Day held at Queens Park in Mackay. G&S have supported the Mackay Festival of Arts since 1997 and became a naming sponsor in 2000.

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