From construction through to commissioning, G&S provides a full spectrum of services to support all capital projects in both greenfield and brownfield environments.

Tailored solutions to meet individual needs

We know that every client and every project is different, so we work closely with you at every stage of your project to truly understand your goals, adding value and (ideally) exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Our in-house capabilities encompass all construction and commissioning services across mechanical, structural, piping, electrical, instrumentation (SMP&EI), and manufacturing and fabrication disciplines.

A strong track record

G&S construction has been active in the Australian Market since 2000 and executed over 60 major mine infrastructure projects covering a range of process plant, materials handling systems, heavy machinery and other mine and port infrastructure. Our largest undertaking was the expansion of the Hay Point Coal Terminal, which at its peak involved a workforce of over 400 personnel across multiple disciplines.

We have also been instrumental in the construction and erection of major plant and machinery for projects such as Roy Hill Mine, Caval Ridge Mine and Racecourse Mill Co-Generation Power Plant.

We have a strong reputation as being the leading provider of Dragline and Balance Machine erections services in Australia and this reputation is gaining momentum for other key assets such as Processing Plants and Materials Handling systems.

Through our long history in this field, we have established a core team of construction personnel who have completed many major projects together, creating a very efficient, experienced workforce with a strong safety and team culture.

Key Services
  • SMP&EI erection, assembly, disassembly, reassembly and installation
  • Project / Construction Management
  • Procurement
  • Client handover
  • Transportation
  • Offshore construction supervision teams
  • Offshore quality assurance and quality control services
  • Commissioning Support:
    • Dry / Wet Commissioning
    • Performance Testing and Verification
    • Punchlisting and rectification

Featured Projects

Dawson Mine

G&S was engaged to undertake a major maintenance shutdown on Dragline 5 at Anglo Coal’s Dawson Mine.

Oaky North Mine

G&S Mackay workshops undertook the first full Overhaul of a Glencore Oaky North Mine 12CM30 Joy Continuous Miner.

Saraji Mine

G&S Engineering have held this contract since February 2015 and successfully rolled over into a new contract in 2016. It involves 30 full-ti...