G&S releases second #HANDSUP Mental Health Awareness film


G&S continues on the journey to raise awareness of mental health with the release of a second film entitled #HANDSUP 'Join us on the Journey'.

Handsup image 

In 2015, G&S introduced the #HANDSUP initiative which formed part of G&S' overall Health and Wellbeing strategy. The initiative is focused on the mental wellbeing of our employees, their family members, and the wider community. Through the initiative, we are breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness and creating a safe and supportive workplace where individuals can talk openly about mental illness, speak up about how they are feeling and connect with resources available to receive help.

View the 'Join us on the Journey' Film 

View the 'I Know Someone' film 

Making a difference doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey, but by coming together as a community to put our #HANDSUP for mental health awareness, we can help end the stigma and change lives. 

Will you join us on our journey?

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